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Quality policy 
GDP certificate

Our policy boils down to running enterprises in such a way as to constantly improve the quality of operation, the quality of work and the quality of services provided, including taking care of the quality and safety of transported goods.

Reaching quality goals implemented by the enterprise TRANS-WEK


We implement our quality objectives through a system and process approach to business management based on the requirements and guidelines of the ISO 9000 series of standards, regulatory requirements, including GDP regulations. The management approach involves systematically identifying customer requirements, regulatory requirements, identifying the processes that contribute to meeting those requirements, and keeping these processes under control.

Responsibility for quality is shared by each employee through a well-thought-out division of tasks and competences. Detailed quality objectives are developed for all functions and management levels, and in particular include service quality objectives and continuous improvement objectives.

Objectives qualitative


In order to maintain and increase the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, we adopt the following quality objectives:

  • Only those transport services that deserve the recognition of customers by meeting their needs and expectations may be offered and implemented, taking into account applicable standards and legal regulations, in particular the provisions of the GDPR (Good Distribution Practice);

  • High level of service quality, comprehensive service and customer service culture determine the company's competitive position;

  • Systematic identification and implementation of improvement activities serves to constantly increase customer satisfaction.

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