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We offer short- and long-term cargo storage, warehousing services, including reloading. Our warehouse space is 700 m2. We are able to store 1000 Euro-pallets at a time.

Warehouse: has two reloading ramps, enabling simultaneous unloading from the semi-trailer

Thanks to this, you will gain time that will allow us to complete the order faster!


Systems reloading

The sealants used in the gates are suitable for trucks of all sizes. Our warehouse infrastructure ensures fast transhipment operations.

powierzchnia _magazynowa_trans-wek.jpg

Why is it worth using our services?

We provide comprehensive services in road transport. Our activities in the field of domestic and international cargo transport are distinguished by the quality of our activities. The warehouse, which is part of our company, is used by our clients mainly for the storage of: tires, paper and reloading of cosmetics.

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